Casual Coffee

Making coffee shops interactive and personal

Casual Coffee is an interactive system that brings ubiquitous computing to your usual coffee shop. Julia Teitelbaum, Ariel Liu, and I designed the system to cater to different types of users, validated through user research and speed dating. Our goal was to enhance the coffee shop ordering experience using ubiquitous computing, while preserving the normal ambiance of the shop.

On-the-go Ordering

This system enables customers to order drinks ahead of time through text messaging. Customers who create a profile with the shop can take advantage of the system, which keeps track of when and what they order. The system uses machine learning techniques to learn your schedule, and what your usual is. Using this information, the coffee shop can proactively send you a text when you normally get coffee to-go. After accepting the request, your credit card is automatically charged and your order is added to the queue.

Custom Cups Menu

This system offers a new, UbiComp take on the traditional coffee shop menu. The menu consists of a shelf containing mugs of each available drink size. Each section of the shelf corresponds to a specific type of drink, giving you useful information like the breakdown of ingredients, available flavors, and the popularity of the drink, based on past patrons to the shop. Taking a mug off the shelf activates its touch-enabled exterior, allowing you to customize your drink just the way you want it. If you're a regular customer, the mug will automatically suggest your usual.

After ordering your drink, the mug unobtrusively offers you to "like" the drink. Touching the button automatically updates the menu with your vote.